Spidy Gear® Blind Webb

The Spidy Gear Blind Webb is the best way to brush in your ground blind with local foliage and conceal yourself for the ultimate hunt. The perfect way to hide from deer, turkey or other game, the Blind Webb lets you hide in native habitat with your hunting blind. Watch our video to learn more about the easy installation and use of the Blind Webb.
  • Fits most hunting blinds (Hub-Style / Spring Steel / Tent Chair) up to 60” x 60” and 74” overall peak height.
  • Quickly attach local foliage to provide almost total concealment
  • You no longer need to pre-set your blind days in advance to acclimate local game
  • Extends functional use of older hunting blinds with faded or damaged fabric
  • Blind Webb helps keep hunting blind hidden from local wildlife
  • Reduces ground blind wind flap
  • Heavy duty stretch bungee cord
  • UV protected – resists fading
  • Webbing mounting clips included
  • Weighs only 3.5 lbs
  • Easy to follow Installation Instructions
$61 ea
As Seen On TV
American Archer Outdoor America American Birdhunter
Johnny Costello
This product has helped me outsmart the keenest of birds, simply by allowing me to brush in my blinds from the roof to the ground with surrounding foliage. (It also helped me tag a trophy Blacktail last Fall). When you see how this product completely melts your blind into the surroundings it will blow you away. I feel this is critical for fooling mature trophy game animals and is now a mainstay on my list of "tools of the trade".
Johnny Costello
more satisfied hunters
The Best Way to Brush in your Blind
Blind Webb Features
The center ring of the Blind Webb provides stability
Heavy duty shock cord attaches to clips easily
All necessary hardware is provided
Brushing in your blind has never been easier
Your ground blind will blend in to the surroundings
Blind Webb in the Wild
Blind Webb Installation
Questions? 1-800-426-8377 or sales@covercraft.com

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